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Land of Islands and Fog
upd8: Vriska is the best, I am no longer questioning it.

Vriska is again my favorite character in Homestuck. Why did I ever change my mind before? She is truly an inspiration to all. 

What she said this upd8 is just so wonderful:

After the last upd8 post I made, I got to thinking about how what she did was for the best after reading some posts on my dash. The ghosts are existing long past their “expiration dates”. If I am not mistaken, most of the ones we would recognize are from doomed or alternate timelines. It is known that they would meet their end permanently so as not to interfere with the main timeline & let reality proceed without hindrance. So we can say that the sacrifice of the ghosts at the hands of Vriska’s plan & LE’s destruction is in accordance with paradox space’s/reality’s rules. In other words, housekeeping.

I also thought about how the slaughter of the horror terrors ties in with this, since they are the ones who created the dream bubbles. It could be “payment” for this wonderful service they service provided, or perhaps for some other crime they may have committed. (squiddle session, anyone?) 

Regardless of whatever I believe, what Vriska said is right & true. I shall stay biased in favor of her & cry when she is gone. 

You will be missed fair maiden, when the time comes.

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